Atelier Mercedes Botero is a millinery and upholstery atelier with two studios, one in Amsterdam where collections are designed and furniture is upholster during the fun summers in Europe and in San Francisco, where couture and R2W collections are marketed. In both of our studios we are always ready to make bespoke creations tailored your wildest dreams.

Millinery Unique Pieces

Come and learn how to make hats

During these lessons you will learn the different techniques of make hats in a traditional manner after an in-depth introduction you will chose your own project to develop during the workshop. Materials are not included but are available to buy or you can bring your own.

Textile Hats

Select a Fabric hat design from existing patterns and work out the steps to construct your design.

Traditional Millinery

Learn the basic techniques of shaping a felt or straw hat using millinery wood blocks and steam

Bibi | Fascinator

Dare to create your own cocktail hat and learn the different methods for affixing it in place.


In the Amsterdam studio we provide upholstery services for very competitive prices. We also make unique cushions and covers to accent your favorite pieces. Send a picture to request a quote.